KA Lite Central Server: Closed access since March 1st 2020

We have removed login and signup functions from the Central Server. The server infrastructure behind KA Lite's online sync'ing is scaled down to "legacy mode".

Devices can still synchronize. This means, that existing deployments will not be affected. If you connect a new device, you can use One-Click registration to activate it.

KA Lite is no longer being actively developed, and it's being replaced by Kolibri, a free and Open Source, second-generation platform that contains all of KA Lite videos and exercises, and many, many more content sources and pedagogical tools. You can test it here, and download it here.

If you do require a similar central data syncing service, please contact us via [email protected], so we can best assess your needs and how we can support.

Your deployments & your data, at your fingertips.

With the KA Lite Hub, you can could:

  •  Manage organizations, sharing networks, facilities, and devices.
  •  Review usage and engagement data from your deployments.
  •  Manage user accounts and sync your changes.